Testimonies from Canada (2)

Please contact us by text (404) 246-8777 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your questions answered the same day.

YES, an online proof can be available within minutes for your preview. Upon completion of all updates, a printed proof can be printed and delivered the next day for your evaluation before the final prints. To receive your order faster, overnight shipping* is available in the US and Canada for an additional fee. (prices vary on weight of order and location). Also note that it is customary to first receive a printed proof by mail for evaluation and final approval. The print quality is only as good as the digital images you provide. *Orders will be shipped upon completion of printing. You will receive your order within 2 to 3 business days, unless you select overnight shipping. Shipping fees vary depending on your location and time of delivery. Overnight Shipping: We do not have any control over the carriers delivery process and when the carrier does not deliver as promised, then your overnight fee can be refunded when we settle with the shipping carrier. Most carriers charge more to deliver outside their "delivery hub". If your address is outside major cities, then UPS and FedEx will have a higher fee for overnight shipping and USPS will typically take two days instead of one. Early delivery (9 AM) also differ in cost as oppose to afternoon (3PM).

Order a virtual card for $32.00 to have several designs. This amount is credited towards your printing. Place order for Virtual Card.

YES, your printed proof can be shipped quicker since you don't need to approve the online proof. The flat file images can be uploaded once the registration is completed.

A. First purchase a print package for headshots or comp cards. B. Complete the the registration form and C. lastly load your images. A live proof will be posted the same business day on a private web page for your review and approval. Contact us via live chat or email for any changes and request a printed proof by mail or the final order.

Thanks for assisting setting up the multiple live proofs. The combination of images worked out well and the final package gets delivered to the hotel. Good Job!

Sharon Grolman,
Dianella, Western Australia, Australia

Compcard.com delivered! Thanks for your work setting up the live proofs which made the selection much easier. Excellent work and very courteous live chat assistance.

Thank you.

Michelle Mountain,
Western Cape, South Africa

Good job with my prints. Viewed the live proofs and made approval a simple step both orders. Please deliver to the Hotel and thanks again.

George Kassab,
Bexley, New South Wales, Australia

Muchas gracias por el trabajo con mi orden. Las tarjetas lucen fantasticas. Buen trabajo !


Victor Burgos,


My order process was handled with great care. I had the opportunity to request several changes to the online proof before giving my final approval to complete the order. Also, compcard shipped the order to a different address which I think was great customer service.



Chapman Angela,
Johor Bahru, Singapore

I found you guys online and was a bit skeptical to use the services. After reviewing some of the comments, we decided to use compcard.com and everything turned out great. Thanks for the excellent servcie, making the live proofs a very simple step to allow me previewing and requesting changes before my final approval.


Great Job !

Debra Bushell,
Wembley Downs, Western Australia, Australia